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International Conference on Emerging Areas in Biosciences and Biomedical Technologies (eBBT2) 7th-9th February 2020

eBBT-2 2020 is announced as a series of conference after the success of eBBT in 2018 organized by IIT Indore. It also forms an integral part of 10 year celebration of IIT Indore. eBBT-2 will provide an excellent platform for exchange of ideas with the leading experts from India and around the world. The focus of this conference is to bring together a group of researchers/faculties/expertise from a Details

The Kar Lab

The Kar research group makes use of the Gaussian accelerated MD simulation to characterize the effect of sulfation of long dermatan sulfate GAG Details

Gene regulation in Neisseria meningitidis

Conserved G-quadruplex motifs regulate gene expression in Neisseria meningitidis. Details

Piperine analogs arrest c-myc gene

influence of c-myc gene expression in the absence and presence of G4 binder. Details


  • SERB sponsored KARYSHALA on "Isolation and characterization of viruses and bacteria from various samples" 12th July – 17th July 2022 Read More